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Sketchbook practice done with pen by me, Wendy Ortiz. To see more of my artwork please click here.
Thank you Wendy!
John Lennon by Dave MacDowell
Part of an huge and endless sketch you can find in Zach Johnsen site (amazing!)
His tumblr here

Sunday stuff
Drawing by sonicwalrus 

After a lengthy conversation with Stephanie “The Ice Cream Witch” Brown about art school and how I wasted years of my life doing traditional animation, what started out as a warm-up sketch yesterday turned into this quick little thing. Don’t go getting your hopes up or anything, because you probably wont see another animation out of me for another decade.
And now, back to normal work and the secret project marathon. Expect to see something totally rad from me by the end of the week.
Reluctant Bride by Nimit Malavia
Machine Man sketch by menton3
fyodorpavlov: Regurgitating my goff youf. 

The Little Tramp. Drew him at work for company and to keep me from falling asleep.