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Murphy Inc.:

This is Richard Carrie.Hes homeless…and this is his art.

I met Richard one day while I was walking through Dublin City Centre.Now usually i see homeless people , there always begging in different ways , like one draws on the ground how hes homeless and how he feels.Now usually I take almost no sympathy… but when I passed Richard my mouth dropped.These paintings were taped up to the wall.. and one more sign behind him saying he is homeless and street art is all he could do.Now what shocked me even more was that..he done all this from scratch .. Id see him 1 minute and he would  just begun the painting and next he would have half complete and randomly switch paintings and do a new one.

now this art is.. astonishing.. i mean look at it.. If i could draw this i would be rich .. filthy rich… yet Richard is poor.. he is homeless..

I think these pictures deserve to be seen world wide.. Every one should see them