Artist Stéfane Perraud - “Maia” is a skull covered with 1 106 LEDs It has been made in 2010. The power and the frequency of the light could produce injuries.

Through questionning light as a media, my artistic work tries to identify the purpose of science today. Therefore, the new media, which are my main tools, reveal the fact that light itself is a media. I am using digital technologies differently in each of my creations, in order to adapt the media to the work, without limit of its kind. Thus my work jumps successively from installation to performance. I have been to several solo shows and festival and such as, La Villette Paris, Steim - Amsterdam, Le Cube-Issy les Moulineaux, Nuit Blanche- Paris, WE project-Brusell, La Chambre Blanche-Canada, Multiplicidade- Brasil, Théâtre de la Cité Internationale-Paris… - Stéfane Perraud